Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta

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Sunday Dharma Service: 10:30 a.m.

Monthly Memorial Service: First Sunday of each month at 10:30 a.m.
(except second Sunday in September; and January (with Ho-onko), April (with Hanamatsuri) and July/August combined (with Obon), starting in the afternoon)

Location:  470 - 40th Street South, Lethbridge, Alberta  T1J 3Z5
Telephone:  403-327-1260
Email:  board@thebtsa.com
Izumi Sensei’s Cell:  403-382-7024

Event Calendar



New Temple Sign

Our members may have noticed that a new temple sign has been erected on the boulevard. The new sign, designed and installed by Friesen Plastics, Inc., is double-sided with a back light to glow at night. Note the wisteria emblem at the top of the frame.

JSBTC Day Appeal 2016

Thank you all for contributing to the Dana Day fund during October and November. Almost $1,400 were collected. Following the upcoming December board meeting, the total will be sent to the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada that launched the appeal in conjunction with its founders' day commemoration. Please click on the messages from Socho Tatsuya Aoki (English & Japanese) and President Dave Ohori about the background to this annual project that helps maintain the national organization's continuing propagation of Jodo Shinshu in Canada.

Living Dharma Centre Virtual Book/Study Club

The Living Dharma Centre is starting a Virtual Book Club this fall, inviting interested participants to read a specific book chosen every three months and sign up for email participation and discussion. The selected book for the first session is "Call of the Infinite" by John Paraskevopoulos. Click here for more details.

Year-end Bell-Ringing (Joya-no-Kane) - Dec. 31

Izumi sensei is scheduled for his 13th annual bell-ringing or Joya-no-Kane ceremony at the Nikka Yuko Garden on the last day of this year.  BTSA partners with the Garden to sponsor this traditional Buddhist ceremony to end the expiring year and the usher in the new.  The event is open to the public and is set for 11:30 p.m., weather permitting; cancellation if the temperature is below minus 15 C.

Food Bank Donations through February 2017

BTSA's annual food donation begins this month and runs through mid-February. The need is always great, and all donations are welcome. The donation box will be in the multipurpose room at the temple, beginning mid-November. As in past years, the estimated value of the donated goods will be matched by a cheque from the BTSA. Last year, about $400 worth of goods were donated; that was matched by a cheque for $400 to the Lethbridge Food Bank.

Bodhi Day - December 11

Bodhi Day observation at BTSA falls on December 11 this year, commemorating the buddhahood of the historic Siddhartha Gautama, more than 2,500 years ago. Tradition has it that Siddartha achieved the state of bodhi (enlightenment in Sanskrit) and became the 'Awakened One' or Buddha, following a prolonged period of meditation under a pipal tree. Everyone is welcome to the temple to join in this Buddhist holiday.

Hondo Chairs for Sale

The Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta is offering 74 chairs for sale, in anticipation of new replacement chairs expected to be delivered in mid-December. The assortment is depicted in the accompanying photograph. Each chair is being sold for $10. Because we might need them for emergency use, as in a funeral, they will be available for possession after we receive the new chairs. If you're interested, please call the temple, Akira Ichikawa, or Roland Ikuta.

‘Buddhism By The Bay’ -BTSA Tour- June 2017

BTSA has organized a tour of the San Francisco Bay area from June 17 to 24 that includes accommodations at the Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkeley and visits to three Jodo Shinshu temples Berkeley, San Francisco, and San Jose. The estimated cost of the tour including flights, accommodation, and guided tour package is $2,800 CAD. There are 16 spots for BTSA members and 9 for Calgary temple members. For further information or to register, contact Sylvia Oishi at sylvia.oishi@gmail.com or call 403-892-2318 (mobile). 

Ho-onko/Shotsuki - January 15, 2:00 p.m.

BTSA will be observing Ho-onko which commemorates the death of Shinran, Jodo Shinshu's founder, in 1263. It is a day that accentuates the place of gratitude in our sect. Conjointly, the shotsuki (monthly memorial) service for January, followed by the temple's annual new year's party. Please mark this date and time on your calendar -- it is an afternoon service that begins at 2:00 p.m.